Bert Macklin. He’s with the f*cking FBI.

Film Poster | Hugo (2011) requested by anonymous

Fake Film Poster | Pillar of Salt | Dir: Mark Romanek | Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender & Alexander Skarsgård requested by gigglemonster

When John Orphey (Fassbender) and his young fianceé Hannah Reed (Lawrence) return to her small Utahan hometown to begin planning their wedding, Hannah’s preacher father Lot (Skarsgård) begins to make his objections to the union known. At first, John believes it is their comparative ages that’s causing the conflict, but he has a suspicion something larger is in play. As her father’s influence begins to corrode their relationship, John struggles to hang on to Hannah, in the process uncovering a dark family secret that may tear them all apart.

Reference: Lot, Lot’s wife, Orpheus & Eurydice

1 Film, 4 Posters | The Virgin Suicides (1999)
Beautiful, mysterious, haunting, invariably fatal. Just like life.

Film Poster | Beginners (2011) requested by anonymous

Film Poster Homage | Sucker Punch (2011) as Funny Games (2007) by Crew Creative