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YEAHHHH those feelings are too strong on this rewatch :|

Like, I ship her with Brian, I guess, but I mean I like Jim, but not when he’s all over Maggie and ugh. I don’t know I feel like we’re supposed to like Maggie and the first time aorund I did until the last few episodes and now I just full on REALLY don’t like her. I mean, I kind of hated her as soon as she flipped the switch and was all excited when Don asked her to move in with him because REALLY and then I just have all these emotions over the time Jim and Mac spent together overseas. =|

This damn show.

I think I ship Mac/the news? Like her passion for journalism is way more exhilarating and enriching for her as a character than any romantic relationship with the male leads introduced. Will tortures her, Brian tortures her, Jim is never gonna happen we know, but The News is always there. Ladies loving their careers <3<3 Their careers loving them back <3<3<3

I totally agree with you on Maggie. I used to like Maggie a lot (I’d pinpoint the peak for me at the panic attack) but then yes, she tries to quite obviously and badly manipulate her “best friend” and she totally acts like the way Don treats her is okay? And I get that she’s a bit more soft spoken of a person but he walks all over her. Like, all fucking over her and it’s a bit much. And I don’t think Lisa is someone to just ‘go with it’ in a fix-up that turns out so horribly wrong.

As for “time Jim and Mac spent together overseas” I hate you because this is a cute thing I never thought of omg.

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dream guest stars on the newsroom series two: Kristen Wiig as Hattie McAvoy.

You listen to me Aldonza Lorenzo. I have been here for seven days and I’ve already had it up to here with you and Will and fucking Don Quixote which literally three people on the planet have actually read and you know it’s a tragedy, Mac! It doesn’t end happy ever after and jesus fuck why would anyone model their lives on that?’



indecisivespice: I feel like I started shipping them before they even interacted and then they threw me the chin up bone and I was like "YES!" Sloan is definitely my fave. She is just wondrous as are all the characters on this freaking show.

I am weirdly shipping Mack/Jim these days (i d e k) so I’m definitely in flux with this show, but I started off just enjoying it and now it’s my probably my favorite show of the week so there’s that. I’m gonna be sad when it’s gone.

indecisivespice: Yesssss finally more people shipping Sloan/Don.

It’s one of those things that never occurred to me but seeing it in gifspam it’s like “duh” (this post is not intelligent, I apologize). I think Sloan may be my favorite? She has integrity but a believable social awkwardness (I mean O.Munn’s looks are off the charts but whatever it’s TV)? I kind of wish we got more of a glimpse of her personal life. I’m so down for her and Don to get it on in a quiet way. But Sloan/Mack brOTP absolutely. I just love everyone in that newsroom/in this karaoke bar. Those crazy kids.

You’re safe. You’re awesome.


When I get back online someone hold me and cry with me about how Jim properly talked Maggie through a panic attack and I want to sob because when does TV ever do stuff like that.

never. that has never happened.

there’s a moment you know you’re fucked

my face, every time the charming, likable face of will mcavoy reminds me that despite how much i am growing to love the characters my faves are playing, this is still an aaron sorkin show about rich and grumpy old white dudes in positions of power.

#why is it not the ‘emily mortimer mentors a bunch of adorb kids in the art of plucky reporting’ show