Favorite Memory of the HP fandomNovember 4, 2001

On November 4th, 2001, the day after my twelfth birthday, I stayed indoors glued to my computer screen watching a live simulcast of the arrivals for the Harry Potter premiere in London. A year prior I was only just starting the books (I’d stubbornly refused to read them, as a natural reader I tried to stay away from the zeitgeist until I’d been assigned the first one in school and got hooked), but when I started reading them I read 1-4 within a few weeks. By the time the first movie came out I was at my fanatical peak. I happily spent that weekend tied to HP news and rumors, and fandom and it just… began. Everything began. I traveled to London in 2005, to Oxford to see the Great Hall, I ran an HP RPG. It all began. The rest of my life.

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