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Utopia s2e02 | You’re not in my head. 

There’s so little mercy in this world. Lexie sliced straight through everyone who got between her and the door, people she had laughed with, worked with, lain down with…Frank took me by the shoulders and steered me straight into something that he knew could eat me alive. Whitethorn House let me into its secret chambers and healed my wounds, and in exchange I set my careful charges and I blew it to smithereens.

The Likeness by Tana French

Artist: UnknownCristobal Tapia de Veer
Title: UnknownMeditative Chaos
Album: UnknownUtopia (Original Television Soundtrack)

Trailer for Showtime’s The Affair

2014 Summer TCA Tour: Day 8


"Just One of the Guys" - Jenny Lewis




But also YES.
Because for me this is a pretty important part of the final battle. A lot of folks accused JKR of just wanting to kill people off, and Lupin and Tonks were one of the major “sins” in that category. But for me, one of the major themes of her books is vicious cycle of violence, and another is the ways ordinary people can break that cycle. It’s important that we know that Harry doesn’t stop all the pain, that he’s not the last war orphan. Just like the first War, parents and adults have to make choices, choices with consequences.
Like James and Lily, Lupin and Tonks didn’t risk their lives to defeat Voldemort. They gave their lives for each other, because no one person should bear the weight of the sacrifice. They gave their lives for their son, who deserved a better world. They gave their lives for love, not for victory.
I think it’s important to see the ways Voldemort’s evil creates these cycles, children taken from their parents and parents taken from their children, again and again. I think it’s an important sobering note in the victory—yes, this time Voldemort is really dead, but there’s another baby this time, another infant who will never know his beautiful, wonderful parents because of Voldemort and his message of hate and violence. Another child who will grow up wondering where he came from, what his parents were like, what would be different if they were alive.
But it’s also beautiful that Teddy will have such a different experience. And his experience will not be different because Voldemort is “really gone.” His experience will be different because his grandmother will tell him about his brilliant mom. Because Harry will tell him about his wonderful dad. Because Harry will help him deal with his pain and loss, be a sympathetic ear who understands what it’s like to grow up without your parents. Because the Weasleys will welcome him as another grandchild, and he’ll grow up with Victoire to throw dirt at, and James as a little brother. His experience won’t be different because Harry won a war, it will be different because of love.
That’s the whole story of Harry Potter. Sometimes we have to fight for what’s right, but what really makes life worth living and what really changes the world isn’t magic or power or moral superiority. It’s love.



"You and I" - John Legend

  • This is fucking beautiful and a little bit sad that it feels revolutionary.


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The ‘Love Actually’ couple spending the day at Wimbledon 2014


Trailer: ‘Unbroken' - Dec 25

Directed by Angelina Jolie, written by William Nicholson, Richard LaGravenese, and Joel and Ethan Coen, starring Jack O’Connell, Domhnall Gleeson, Takamasa Ishihara, Garrett Hedlund, and Finn Wittrock 


"They did not discuss Ron at all over the next few days…. Hermione seemed to know that it was no use forcing the issue, although sometimes at night when she thought he was sleeping, he would hear her crying."

heha and so i felt the need to draw cheese cause I love the chapter ‘Godric’s Hollow’ and I appreciate Harry and Hermione’s friendship lots. o(-< 

"Ginny has been possessed before. Let’s assume the idea of “cursing” Harry is just one of Rita’s mean gossipy things, but is it so impossible that once you’ve been possessed by Voldemort, there’s a tiny shred of you that always will be? Maybe a kind of secondary horcrux-y kind of thing?…

First of all, it would be shocking if Harry et al. didn’t suffer from severe PTSD. They were basically child soldiers. While there does not appear to be a ton of mental-health care in the wizarding world, surely the kids of Hogwarts Class of Whatever could stand to have some counseling…

This is basically a confirmation that Charlie Weasley is gay. Is there marriage equality in the wizarding world? Perhaps not yet? We spent all that time on the rights of house elves, but nary a mention of the rights of queer witches and wizards. (Nor any mention of gender nonconformity at all.)"

A Closer Look at the Harry Potter Update.